In Search of Bandmates

I’m actively seeking one or two music partners —vocalist and instrumentalist— for original audio⁄video recording projects and maybe future live performances. My style of music is varied, ranging from progressive rock to folk to ambient⁄new age music. I’m a 53-year-old guitarist-songwriter and am very passionate about creating music but have realized that I really suck at singing. So, I’m hoping to find long-term music partner(s) preferably from the Greater Houston Area in Texas, USA. Though I’m willing to collaborate remotely with anyone worldwide if you have the recording and other technical facilities. I can't pay you but I will fairly share any revenues as partners.

The fundamental message of the music expresses Christian values, but my intent is to neither preach nor force my beliefs upon others. So far, I have about 50 original compositions in various stages of development, many of which are instrumentals but some need lyrics. So if you’re good with words and can contribute creating inspiring, thought-provoking, soul-touching lyrics that would be a big plus. If you play an instrument other than guitar (percussion, fretless and fretted bass, keyboards —MIDI, virtual instruments, cello, violin… no accordion please) that would be great too.

I have a small, yet well-equipped home project studio including MIDI keyboard, controllers, a computer-based DAW and large collection of virtual instruments and samples, among other gear. I also do my own website and graphics work.

As we complete recording projects, we can discuss performing. However, because of my health challenges, I can only perform under special circumstances. I am semi-disabled and unable to drive. Nothing too serious but significantly limiting my capacity to work. Guitar and music is all I currently have to occupy myself and eventually I do wish to perform again at live venues.

So if you are a wise, intelligent, spiritual prog rocker and chillout music fanatic with a good heart who can sing, wishes to collaborate creating original music, and doesn’t mind neither my age (I would prefer not to have too much of a generational gap) nor my health limitations, then please continue to read this webpage for more info. From here you can watch demo performance videos of my music, visit my social sites and find out more about my music and me. Although, I am continuously evolving musically and I’ve created a lot more original music then what you will find here. Also, you can review the comments made by others about my music on my YouTube videos (which have over 115,000 views combined and counting) and other social sites.

After you’ve reviewed my web presence and music, if you’re still interested, please contact me so we may discuss next steps. Also, send me your bio, websites, EPK, demo recordings and⁄or any other info you want me to review. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

God bless,
- Robert

Hope to see you soon!

Robert Len Stallard